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That’s why it’s always better to imagine how you want your house to look like, choose all the furniture pieces, and arrange them, then choose the colors. It has to be functional yet interesting – You should focus that the main pieces of furniture in the house you are trying to put together are functional. A classic couch or a chair that is comfortable is better than picking something uncomfortable to go with the trend like choosing an oversized puffy couch. I think spaces need to be more sustainable and focus on human wellbeing. We’re seeing a wellness trend across modern culture and this is going to be important when it comes to designing.



She suggested that we ponder all of the different Doctor's we may know. And while they all went to Medical school and came out with the same "Dr." in front of their names, they all end up specializing in many different things. There is a distinct difference between an optometrist, a dermatologist, a cardiologist and so on and so on. She left it rhetorical when she said, perhaps our industry has room to have more titles of what areas we specialize in. I thought it was very good food for thought, however since graduating school nearly eight years ago and becoming a licensed professional now I do not find it near as important to me than I once did. Both professions are integral to the design and construction of structures, such as buildings and bridges.



When choosing materials, interior architects need to understand their durability and strength. They also must know how to use light, color, and textures in a space, to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. While interior architect deals with more technical aspects, interior design deals with space management and appearance of the house. They focus more on space functionality and creating more artistic designs. They also take care of the furniture, lighting, and other things required to make the house more aesthetically appealing. Although their work has many similarities, interior architects and interior designers have many differences, especially in terms of requirements.



They handle the foundation of a building, including the load-bearing walls, the exterior, and the safety of the building. They also research how buildings work together in a space and study the land's topography to understand the specifics of building a safe, secure facility. Civil engineers manage a broader range of projects encompassing transportation infrastructure and water systems, while architects focus on buildings. Many undergraduates seeking an architectural interiors degree are not being made aware of the fact that there will not be a possibility of becoming licensed as an architect in most jurisdictions of the US. Other posts have alluded to the legal implications of not becoming licensed. No person in those jurisdictions may be able to legally call themselves an Interior Architect since there is currently no state that I know of that has this title registered and codified.



People can relax in the patio seating area or host an open-air farmer’s market out back. Brazier also hopes to introduce educational programs in the space for kids to learn about agriculture and climate. "We want to create a space that contributes to the overall sustainability of the neighborhood, culturally and socially," Brazier says. Justin Brazier, a graduate student in the Department of Architecture, plans to use his expertise as an architect to help communities, especially those of color, transform neighborhoods through urban agriculture and food sovereignty. Justin Brazier, a graduate student in MIT’s Department of Architecture, lends his design skills to community projects in the Greater Boston neighborhoods where he grew up.



He added that the former church’s trusses were "made and shaped by hand," without screws or nails, and that marks from the hatchet used to shape them are still visible. Read more about buy followers instagram here. Crome is nearing completion on design and renovation work for his second location, an architecture studio located at the former site of the predominantly African American First Baptist Church, which is now located on Dayton Street. Although raised in Yellow Springs, architect Max Crome has built a reputable architecture firm thousands of miles away, in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California. Williams built this cowboy-country estate in Nevada’s remote Fish Lake Valley for E.L. In 1938, Williams bested fierce competition to design Reno’s First Church of Christ, Scientist. Unsuccessfully repurposed as a theater in 1998, it sits empty while the City of Reno decides its fate.



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